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This Central Park engagement session unfolded like a scene straight out of a romantic comedy. First, we wandered through the Shakespeare Garden, a hidden gem nestled amongst towering skyscrapers. Lush greenery draped over archways, and colorful blooms burst forth from overflowing planters. Sunlight dappled through the leaves, casting a whimsical glow on our couple and their cutie Lola, who truly was the bestest model.

Emerging from the Shakespeare Garden, the grandeur of Bethesda Terrace unfolded before us. The majestic archway framed the iconic Bethesda Fountain, the city skyline shimmering faintly in the distance. We captured all the joy as we laughed and enjoyed a perfect

New York day.

Why choose Central Park for your engagement spot in New York City?

As a wedding photographer in New York, Central Park offers a combination of factors that make it ideal for engagement photos. Every time I am there I remember just how much I love the heart of the city, that truly offers a variety of options.

Variety and Backdrops: Imagine lush gardens overflowing with blooms, romantic bridges over serene lakes, and architectural wonders like Bethesda Terrace, all within walking distance. Central Park provides a stunning array of backdrops, allowing you to capture a variety of moods and themes, from whimsical and natural to elegant and urban.

Iconic NYC Vibe: For many couples, New York City itself holds a special place in their hearts. Central Park lets you incorporate that iconic NYC energy into your photos. Imagine the city skyline peeking through the trees, or the gentle hum of street performers creating a unique soundtrack to your love story.

Special Moments: Beyond the picturesque settings, Central Park offers a chance to capture genuine moments of connection. Rent rowboats on the lake, take a stroll hand-in-hand through the vibrant walkways, or simply share a laugh on a park bench. The park's natural energy allows your personalities and love to shine through in the photos.

Personal Connection: Perhaps you've shared special dates picnicking in the park, or have fond memories of exploring its hidden corners. Central Park can become a personal character in your engagement story, adding a layer of sentimentality to the photos.

Ultimately, Central Park offers the perfect canvas to paint a picture of your love story, capturing both the magic of the city and the genuine joy of your relationship.

Get in touch with us and let's plan your session in this gorgeous city.

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