indian wedding

at the Dorado Ritz Carlton

Planned by Yaska Crespo

Decor by Emilio Olabarrieta

Indian weddings are vibrant celebrations filled with rich traditions, colorful rituals, and joyous festivities. When combined with the breathtaking beauty of Puerto Rico, they create an enchanting tapestry of culture and romance.

Photographing an Indian wedding in Puerto Rico offers a unique opportunity to capture the fusion of two vibrant cultures against the backdrop of the island's stunning landscapes. From the vibrant hues of traditional Indian attire to the lush greenery of Puerto Rico's tropical forests and the azure waters of its beaches, every moment presents a picturesque tableau waiting to be immortalized.

Capturing such an event must possess not only technical skill but also a deep appreciation for the cultural significance of each ritual and ceremony. They must be adept at capturing the intricate details of the bride's ornate bridal attire, the emotional exchanges between families during the traditional ceremonies, and the exuberant dance performances that are a hallmark of Indian weddings.

In addition to documenting the main events such as the Mehendi, Sangeet, and the wedding ceremony itself, the photographer must also be attuned to the smaller, intimate moments that make each wedding unique. Whether it's a stolen glance between the bride and groom, a heartfelt embrace between family members, or a spontaneous burst of laughter among friends, these candid moments are often the most cherished by couples.

Furthermore, we are skilled at working in diverse lighting conditions, as Indian weddings often span multiple days and take place both indoors and outdoors. Whether capturing the soft, golden light of a sunset ceremony on the beach or the vibrant colors of a nighttime celebration under the stars.